• Outside view
  • Beer and food on the table
  • Interior, two armchairs closeup
  • Various dishes on the table, top view
  • Baked peppers, closeup

Established in 2016

About us

The HalfSmoke project features a unique and complex foodservice design, combining elements of a quick-service restaurant, café, and gastro pub. The highly versatile space features menu-driven details that encourage guests to continually engage with their culinary experience. The design offers a new level of transparency with all cooking elements on display. For example, guests can enjoy the process of making their own flatbread with a highly efficient servery design that is anchored by an artisanal, stone hearth oven by Marra Forni. Additionally, HalfSmoke's signature sausages are cooked on a rustic, wood fired grill by Grillworks, Inc., enhancing the exhibition element of this craft. From the full-service bar, to the ice cream and milkshake station, to the exhibition cooking line, each essential component is flawlessly integrated to streamline circulation and flow. Indeed, the design creates a truly exciting atmosphere which celebrates the art of cooking.